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Program Overview

The INDUSTRY is a 3 month experience that meets once a week. In the three months we focus on Identity, Career Exploration, and Integration.  

Month 1

Month is dedicated to self-discovery and self-awareness. We go through our 360 Degree Personality Profile and Assessments.  We must have a strong foundation on WHO we are, to build a solid future on WHAT career fits our identity.

Month 2

Month 2 is spent getting intentional about the careers that make sense for our personality, skills, passions, and vision.  We will do a deep dive in to hundreds of careers, then limit them down to 3 "Desired Paths".  Many times, to discover what you want to do, you must eliminate what you don't want to do.

Month 3

Month 3 is focussed on "putting it all together". We work with you to build a detailed LIFE PLANto find the appropriate college, apprenticeship, mentor, and more that will help each student succeed. We then build a detailed LIFE 

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