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Minnows and People

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

I was out at the lake today. Looking at the edge of the water I saw a school of minnows. 

It was so interesting to watch. They were all basically facing the same direction, being pushed back and forth by the ripples of the water. Pulled back, and forth in their comfort zone. They were doing nothing...   Doing nothing??   Yes, Just floating around in the water with no real direction and no real purpose except to be eaten by predators.   When you work with people for a living, You can't help but to relate this experience to humanity. Minnows and people aren't really that different... There are far too many people hanging around the same crowd, being pushed back and forth by the waves of life, no real direction, no real purpose.   Doing Nothing... Most people have, or had, some kind of dream and they desire some kind of purpose.   I think that's my favorite thing about what we do at The INDUSTRY.   We help people discover their purpose, and pursue their dreams. Instead of floating around in the waves of life, our students are building boats

They're setting sail, they have the coordinates, and are using the wind to get where they want to go instead of letting life push them around. I've never seen so many young people gain confidence, purpose and follow their life plans.   This movement is something powerful, something special, and something real.

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