Imagine driving to a destination without an address. You may know what state you’re going to, or even what city.

Imagine the time you’ll spend asking questions, the frustration of turning and turning and turning. The money you'll spend on gas, and feeling lost and alone...

Now, how many young people do you know who have no idea what to do with their lives?

Imagine the frustration going from job to job to job, the money spent on a degree that they likely won't use, the feeling of being lost and alone.

Is this why 60% of people drop out their freshman year? Do you suppose this is why 75% of graduates won’t use their degree for its intended purpose, just to jump from job to job?

This is why The INDUSTRY exists!

We have a saying, “don’t just throw yourself into the into the sea hoping you wind up on shore. Take the bridge to ensure your success!”


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