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For Parents

We understand that you want your kids to be successful in their career and life. We also understand the pain and frustration it can bring when our children don't know what they want to do with their future. 

There are so many young people going to college in hopes that they will just "figure out a good career". We've seen the statistics of low college and post-college success.  It almost seems like a lottery at this point. So, we built a program to ENSURE the success of your kids with career and life coaching.  

Don't just toss your life into the sea and HOPE you wash up on shore.

Take the bridge to ensure your success

Read a couple testimonials of parents whose college age children went through our career coaching program.

What Parents are Saying

Melody Mills

High School Counselor

Thanks to The INDUSTRY for being a change agent for helping students find their fit. They definitely helped my boy. I am a proud mom of a son who is blazing his own trail to technical school to be a welder.

Jill Robin

I love this program! Two of my young adult children have graduated! I saw tremendous growth and a positive new outlook in both of them! This program was a springboard for my daughter's new business and it brought a clearer focus on what my son wants to do with his life! The INDUSTRY took an intentional, purposeful interest in my kids. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PROGRAM!!!

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